About us

Baby Blue’s Conception

It all started with a man’s dream to travel the World. Sakis Tanimanidis created the adventure travel series “World Party”, he turned it into the “talk of the town”, he “survived” the record high ratings of Survivor and on 2016 he gave birth to this BABY Blue…a production company to utilize our time`s tools, staying true to a dreamer`s chase.

The 5 Fs

FAST reactions
FLEXIBLE processes
FRESH point of view
FAIR value for money
We have FUN!

These are the 5 Fs we run with. I know the 5 Fs sound corporate or even pretentious, but trust me my friend we are FAST and FLEXIBLE enough to set our own rules to the game! We also believe that technology has reached a level that we can now do things with less effort and less time, which means a FAIR cost as well.
As for our FRESH point of view, well let’s just say that after 75 countries, countless experiences and a few thousand people, we have been around and we have seen the world spin! And last but not least we have FUN!

There is a distinct difference between doing a job, and doing what you love. And we love what we do. This is why we created this company, this is why we go to the extreme to get the right shot, this is why we travel to the end of the world for inspiration, and this is why we film. Baby Blue Productions is not a job for us, it is our passion turned into a…baby!

Our services

Baby Blue is a Production house. Our services are the following:

• TV shows
• TV concept creation
• Digital Video Commercials
• TV Video Commercials
• Product content development
• Corporate videos
• Casting
• Post Production
• Voice Overs
• HOTEL videos